Tuition Fees

Robert Gordon's College offers a large number of bursaries providing free places and assistance with finance, and you can read about these here.

The fees for session 2015-2016 are as follows:

Nursery (whole day): £8,830 (excl lunch) £9,220 (incl lunch)
Nursery (half day): £4,415 (excl lunch) £4,805 (incl lunch)
Primary 1: £7,760 (excl lunch) £8,205 (incl lunch)
Primary 2: £7,760 (excl lunch) £8,225 (incl lunch)
Primary 3: £10,540 (excl lunch) £11,005 (incl lunch)
Primary 4-7: £10,540 (excl lunch) £11,130 (incl lunch)
Secondary: £12,075 (excl lunch)

Included in this fee is an insurance element to cover accidental injury to pupils which provides 24 hour protection for the academic year and holidays whilst on College activities. Further details may be obtained from Mr A Lowden, Director of Finance upon request.
Fees are payable termly in three instalments of 40%, 35% and 25% in early August, January and April respectively, or 10 monthly instalments under a Direct Debit system, commencing in the winter term and bearing a surcharge of 2% p.a. (this option is not available to nursery). Please note there is no discount for early/advance payment of fees.

From August 2012, discount for the second child is reduced to 0% and to 30% for the third and subsequent children for new families coming into the school. The sibling discounts in place at August 2011, namely a 5% discount for a second child in the school (P1-S6) and a 40% discount for the third and subsequent child in the school (P1-S6) were frozen at the monetary level from August 2011 for all children at the College at that date and, whilst they remain at the College, for their siblings should they come into the school thereafter.  

The College offers the following methods of payment by which tuition fees and all other school invoices may be paid:

  1. Online through the secure parents area of this website using the rgcparents login details provided at entry
  2. Cheque - Payable to Robert Gordon's College
  3. Debit Card - Either in person at School or by phone
  4. Credit Card - (excluding American Express) plus a surcharge of 2% in person at School or by phone
  5. Bank Transfer - Please note that the account number MUST be quoted on all transfers to enable the College to identify the payee.  This reference can be found on the bottom left hand corner of the fee note.  If in doubt, contact the accounts office.  The College bank details can also be supplied by the accounts office.
  6. Direct Debit - The College runs a direct debit scheme for the year's tuition fees (excluding nursery) plus a surcharge of 2%.  Payable on the 1st of each month, October to July inclusive.
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