Adverse Weather Conditions

Robert Gordon's College will always endeavour to open and stay open.  The school will be open unless families are notified otherwise. If you are at all concerned about your child’s journey to or from school, you are very welcome to pick your child up early or decide to keep them at home.

Main school telephone numbers are Junior School 01224 646758 and Senior School 01224 646346.

  • If the weather in your area is severe and the forecast seems likely to get worse, please consider whether it might be better to keep your child at home for the day. Please notify the school as appropriate. If you have delivered your child to school and there is a sudden change in the weather which would lead you to suspect that the journey home might be hazardous, then please consider collecting your child from school. Siblings could be collected at the same time. Please notify the school as appropriate.

  • If you are unable to collect your child because of bad weather and have arranged for a friend or relative to look after your child, please make the school aware of this arrangement.

  • Children waiting for school buses should remain at the bus stop.  If in doubt you can check the situation with First Bus on 01224 219222 or 07976 904987 (please use landline first).

  • Children waiting for buses may wear appropriate warm clothing and boots to travel to school and change once they arrive. 

  • The Dining Hall is always open from 0750 serving hot food.

Communicating a School Closure to Families

In the event of closure, the school will inform parents in a number of ways:

  • Announcement on the front page of our Website, Facebook and Twitter.
  • If the closure happens during a school working day staff will contact families from Nursery through to S2 to arrange collection and keep pupils in school until they are safely collected. S3-S6 pupils will be dismissed from school allowing them to arrange safe travel home.