Beyond the Senior School Classroom

Gordon’s has always believed in educating the whole child, in allowing individuals to discover what makes them special and to develop that to its best level.  Encouraging children to enjoy and excel at a wide range of activities nurtures the self-esteem which leads to academic success and personal fulfilment. 

In the Junior School we have over 40 and in the Senior School over 60 clubs and societies, to engage the interest and stimulate the self-confidence of children of all ages.  Staff give of their time generously as they believe that working with pupils outside the classroom benefits the work they do together in the classroom.

Going out into the world is something that Gordon’s pupils grow used to through curricular and extra-curricular trips and excursions, from the first short trips into the local community in Nursery, through Primary class outings and residential experiences, to the S1 teambuilding expedition, S2 Projects, ‘Big Week’ (which involves all pupils in S1 and in S3 in a huge variety of activities) and S5 Projects.  Interwoven with these experiences we offer a progressive and exciting programme of Outdoor Education which takes full advantage of the wonderful local environment and includes  the highest participation rates in Scotland for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Whichever opportunities a pupil takes, they will grow to feel more a part of the school, to learn about their own abilities and about working with others and to have confidence in themselves.  Their engagement in school beyond the classroom may turn out to be what makes them who they are, as well as impressing universities and employers.  Joining in and going out are vital parts of school life.