Expressive Arts

Education is about bringing out every kind of intelligence in young people: art, drama and music are among the most satisfying as well as enjoyable activities of schooldays.  From Nursery onwards, children at Gordon’s benefit from specialist teaching and accommodation in the expressive arts. 

The new Junior School has dedicated art and music rooms and a spectacular drama studio which opens into a theatre. Art, music and drama are included in the curriculum and teachers often work together on learning and teaching.  All year groups have the opportunity to take part in performances – to their friends, parents, grandparents or the public.  Our Music groups regularly win prizes in public competitions.  The Primary 7 Musical is a climax to Junior School for each year group.

Our Art department offers creative opportunities in many media including photography and has an impressive tradition of success among its former pupils, as artists or designers, in the arts or industry.  All our pupils have the benefit of learning drawing and observation skills to the highest possible level; our Art teachers believe that the ability to express yourself is based on the ability to look.

In the Senior School the brand new Drama Studio and Music Room are used for teaching and performances.  Both subjects are taught to the highest academic level and pupils achieve consistently high grades.  The College has five choirs, three orchestras, two concert bands and various ensembles from Jazz to a Ceilidh Band.  Drama enriches children’s communication skills and teamwork and the opportunity to take part in plays and musicals involves large numbers of pupils.  Each year group puts on public performances and a play and musical alternate as the main school show each year.  The further development of the campus will see a Performing Arts Centre completed to enhance still further the quality of expressive arts at Gordon’s.