Careers Guidance

Supporting career aspirations and revisiting career options is an integral part of the Guidance programme for all pupils within the college. On an annual basis, Guidance Staff offer advice to pupils according to their individual needs and development.

Additionally, Principal Teachers of Guidance/Careers and Guidance/Universities are at hand to lend extra support and to advise on individual pupil’s subject choice prior to their entering Years 3, 5 & 6. They are also responsible for liaising with outside agencies, including the Armed Services and universities across the country, and for arranging Higher Education and Career Conventions for the pupils and their parents.

Pupils in S5 are encouraged to attend career courses, which are advertised through the Daily Bulletin, and are helped to arrange a work placement for Career Experience Week. With 95% of pupils going on to study at institutions of Higher Education around the world immediately after leaving school, S6 pupils are supported through the university application process (through UCAS)  and are offered mock interviews given by Guidance Staff, members of SMT and visiting professionals.