HealthyLiving Award

150818 Inspire 3

Inspire Catering at Robert Gordon’s College have achieved the HealthyLiving Award.

This follows a rigorous audit process reviewing the menus and food offer to ensure that our menus and food production methods comply with the criteria and standards set. This means your child will always be able to make healthy food choices at school and our food offer also meets the Scottish Government’s Better Eating, Better Learning initiative and the School Nutritional Guidelines.

We are fully committed to helping pupils make healthier eating choices by:

  • Keeping the amount of fat we use to a minimum 
  • Keeping the amount of salt we use to a minimum 
  • Keeping the amount of sugar we use to a minimum 
  • Making fruit and vegetables clearly available 
  • Making starchy foods the main part of most meals 

Did you know that:

  • We only use low fat mayonnaise 
  • We use reduced fat yoghurt in our cooking rather than cream 
  • We always offer fresh fruit, cereal bars and low fat  snack options 
  • We offer wholemeal and white varieties of breads and cereals 
  • We don’t over season dishes with salt but use fresh herbs and spices
  • We don’t sell full sugar fizzy drinks