Curriculum Policy

Robert Gordon’s College Senior School has a key role in helping to prepare our pupils for life in a rapidly changing, technologically advanced society in terms of both academic qualifications and a personal capacity to succeed and be successful.

We believe that this is well catered for in our largely Scottish curriculum where we offer courses with learning and teaching methodologies which help to develop the 4 capacities in our pupils, in that, we aim to help our pupils to be:

  • successful learners
  • effective contributors
  • confident individuals
  • responsible citizens

The above capacities are nurtured and encouraged in a positive partnership between home, school and other agencies in society where our pupils are given the opportunity to grow and develop in a stimulating and challenging environment, for example, in youth organisations or part-time occupation.

Our curriculum is permeated with the Core Skills of Numeracy, Literacy and Health and Well-being. As a school we also encourage Inter Disciplinary Learning across and between departments so that pupils can see the linkages between different areas in the learning, for example, during S1 Big Week.

The following principles for curriculum design are followed: challenge and enjoyment, breadth, progression, depth, personalisation and choice, coherence and relevance. These principles are adhered to within the following broad curriculum structure in Senior School:

  • S1-S2 Curriculum which builds on Primary curriculum and as a foundation to the S3-S4 curriculum based on CfE principles.
  • S3-S4 Standard Grade and Intermediate 2 until June 2013, National 5 thereafter.
  • S5-S6 Higher Grade and Advanced Higher. S6 pupils have Higher courses particular to them and specifically designed Enhancement courses.

The above courses are delivered by means of a 40 period x 40 minute week, mostly in double periods of 80 minutes where the purpose of the timetable is to maximise pupils choice and optimise economy of resources.

Further information can be obtained from the General Office on request.