Homework and Reporting

Homework is set every day to encourage regular revision and independent learning. It is intented to complement classwork so that it may proceed steadily on a firmer foundation. Homework assignments will be varied to help stimulate further interest in a subject. It is difficult to set a precise time limit on homework but the school’s intention is to achieve a good balance between leisure and work at home.

All year groups have homework beginning with 15 minutes per night in P1 and gradually increasing to an hour in P4-7. Half of this time should be personal reading time for more senior pupils. We would anticipate that one hour of homework each evening is appropriate for S1 pupils, and that the time allocation for homework should rise as children progress through the senior school.

During the course of the year, parents are kept informed of their child’s progress through a combination of Parents’ Evenings and various types of reports. The aims of these arrangements is to give specific feedback at appropriate intervals to parents and pupils on the progress being made by each individual in class and with homework, and also to highlight current strengths and any actions that need to be taken to effect improvements.

The school encourages a partnership between home and school to ensure that we are working together to make the most of the education at Robert Gordon's College.