Art, Drama and Music

We aim through our teaching and learning to allow children to have rich opportunities to be creative and imaginative and to experience inspiration and enjoyment and contribute to other people’s enjoyment. The development of important skills specific to Expressive Arts and also transferable skills are planned for in our teaching.

Many group activities such as preparing and presenting exhibitions, shows, plays and concerts and taking part in team games and competitions, have an important role to play in developing qualities of co-operation, responsibility for self and to others, loyalty, leadership and enterprise.  The Expressive Arts Curriculum also provides pupils with insights into their heritage and understanding of their own and others’ cultures.

Pupils receive weekly lessons in each of the Expressive Arts by Junior School Specialist Teachers who work in partnership to create links between their subject areas enabling pupils to express their creativity.


Our specialist Art teachers give children from Primary 1 onwards the opportunities to explore media and technologies, create work using a variety of visual elements and use exploration and imagination to solve design problems.  Pupils are able to develop their skills in evaluating and appreciating in response to the work of artists and designers.  Self and peer assessment are integral to the Art and Design curriculum.  Pupils have the opportunity to display their work in school and at various public events; the school is always proudly decorated with our pupils' work.


Children from Primary 1 enjoy Drama in the Studio overlooking His Majesty's Theatre.  The curriculum in Drama helps children to develop self-awareness and confidence, it seeks to improve group working skills, and promotes effective communication.  Pupils will enjoy opportunities to engage in performance work in school and for public events.


All pupils are given the opportunity to experience vocal and instrumental music and techniques in a wide variety of styles. Class instrumental work involves the use of tuned and un-tuned percussion from Primary 1 onward. From Primary 4 pupils can learn to play the violin, cello or double bass in small groups as part of the Instrumental Tuition Scheme. Woodwind, brass and percussion are offered in Primary 6 and 7. There are plenty of opportunities for the children to practise music skills in the various Junior School concerts that take place throughout the school year.

Our pupils can experience  a wide variety of extra-curricular Expressive Arts Clubs.