We believe that assessment is a very important part of effective learning and teaching.  Assessment carried out in Junior School is of two kinds: formative and summative.  Formative assessment is ongoing and often informal.  It is very useful in identifying the next steps in a pupil’s learning.  Summative assessment is more formal (perhaps taking the form of a test) and identifies whether a pupil has achieved a particular standard in a curricular area.  Several successful summative assessments are required before a pupil is recorded as having reached a particular standard.

In addition, in May of each year, the school administers a standardised Reading Test to children in the P1 – P7 classes.  A Reading Age is calculated for each child and thus each child’s progress can be tracked and evaluated from year to year.  If a child is underachieving then steps can be put in place to try and remedy this and likewise if a child scores very highly then challenging reading tasks can be put in place.  A standardised Spelling Test is also used to track pupils’ progress in the same way as for Reading.