Our Language curriculum is based on the Curriculum for Excellence guidelines and covers Reading, Writing and Listening and Talking. We believe that the area of language is critically important as it encompasses all other subject areas.


Our Reading Scheme in P1-P5 is Oxford Reading Tree and at P4-P5 Oxford Reading Scheme. At P6 and P7 class novels are covered instead of a set reading scheme.

Comprehension work is done on a weekly basis from P3-P7. A variety of texts are used for this as well as the revised SRA programme.

Personal reading is highly encouraged and is indeed part of our Homework programme. Certificates are awarded to encourage the pupils to read for pleasure.


A variety of writing is covered: functional, personal and imaginative. Children have a weekly set lesson for writing and titles of pieces are often linked to project work or poetry which has been covered in class.

Children are also encouraged to undertake free writing. There is also of course general writing included in other subject areas.

Children are also encouraged to use new words from their reading texts in their writing.

Listening and Talking

An important aim of this programme is for children to become familiar with poetry and short stories and develop a real love of the English language. Such lessons are generally taught on a fortnightly basis. In alternate weekly the listening and talking lesson is usually related to other subject work such as social subjects, RME or PSD.