We believe that the purpose of homework in the Junior School to encourage good study habits, to consolidate and review work learned in class and to encourage pupils to enjoy spending time reading.

In Primary 1 to 3, homework should take around 30 minutes, the emphasis being placed on reading preparation and written work (Maths, Language and Spelling).

In Primary 4 to 7, homework should take approximately one hour, with 30 minutes of that time being spent on personal reading, whether that is on reading itself or the completion of a book review task.  Maths, Spelling, Language and Class Reader preparation will be set regularly.  It is expected that Spelling will be learned every night, and that Language and Maths exercises be completed twice a week.  Other work, such as Social Studies exercises, may be given from time to time.

Please sign your child’s work/reading diaries for P1 – P6.  At P7 we would encourage children to take more responsibility for their own learning and do not require a parental signature.