Reporting to Parents

We highly value parental involvement in a child’s learning.  As part of our reporting process, in September you will be invited to attend a Curricular Evening to find out about the work that your child will cover throughout the year.  At this evening you will also receive a curriculum information leaflet.

Short interim reports go out to parents in October, January and May to update you on your child’s progress and make you aware at an early stage of any possible issues of concern.

You will receive a Specialist Report and a Class Report in June, which will give you a very detailed report on your child’s progress and achievements for the year.

Parent Interviews are arranged for November and March each year, when parents are invited to view their child’s work and to meet with their child’s Class Teacher for approximately 15 minutes.

In addition, parents are very welcome to contact the school at any time if there are concerns about their child’s progress.  An appointment can be readily arranged with the Class Teacher.