Learning, Teaching and Assessment

Learning to Learn

At Robert Gordon's College we view Learning, Teaching and Assessment as fundamental to what we do. We strive to provide the very best possible opportunities for listening through the highest quality of teaching and facilities, alongside assessment which is appropriate to all stages and which prepares all pupils for success in SQA exams.

In terms of Teaching we seek to employ highly qualified and enthusiastic teachers with a genuine interest in the development of well rounded years young people. Our courses are updated regularly in line with national developments and we support our teaching staff the through the provision of relevant and up-to-date professional development on an ongoing basis. Alongside classroom support, additional help is available outside the classroom to our pupils in the form of revision clubs and one-to-one time with teachers. Our Support for Learning Department provides additional support as required in the form of classroom support, individual tutorials and specialist short courses.

The delivery of the curriculum is aided by the extensive use of technology. Alongside classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards and Apple TV, all teachers and pupils have an iPad in order to broaden the means through which Teaching and Learning can take place. Pupils benefit from a modern and well equipped library alongside a state of the art Science and Technology centre and theatre for music and drama performances.

Additionally our academic curriculum is enriched by a commitment to making Outdoor Education an integral part of our daily activity and to giving all pupils a global perspective through our alliance with a number of other schools of similar ethos across the world.

The College encourages independent learning through the teaching of core study and life skills, such as organisation and planning skills, revision techniques and individual research skills in both academic lessons, in form time and in PSE lessons.

With regard to Assessment in early years of senior school the College employs a variety of different formative and summative assessment methods to encourage self evaluation and to build towards the majority of pupils undertaking 8 subjects at National 5 level in S4 and 5 at Highers S5, with a broad offering of Advanced Highers and Highers in S6. Internal assessment is viewed as a fundamental aid to learning and as a means of enabling pupils to evaluate their own progress and thus learn how best to prepare for the later years of external assessment.