Learning, Teaching and Assessment

Learning to Learn

From the youngest age, our pupils are encouraged to explore the exceptional resources available in the school, in classrooms, in libraries and resource centres, through ICT and beyond the school.

With a modern, well stocked Senior School library and an ambitious Junior School library, as well as a team of qualified librarians, Gordon’s possesses first class information resources. The interactive whiteboard and computer suite can be used for class or tutorial work. To help children make the most of the College library, induction courses are arranged through academic departments.

Every classroom in the school has a data projector and many have interactive whiteboards. These are used by teachers who are always developing innovative ways for children to learn. Every classroom has access to the Internet, allowing children to visit a world of information; access is closely supervised and protective systems are rigorous. Both Junior School and Senior School have purpose built computer suites, used by pupils from Nursery to S6, and the Senior School has banks of computers in many departments. Using the resources of ICT is a normal way of life for our pupils and reinforces their independent learning.

Study skills form an important part of our Personal and Social Education course, taught by the pupils’ own Class Teachers in the Junior School. A structured and coherent programme runs from S1 to S5, delivered by the pupils’ own Guidance Teachers. This framework for learning supplements the skills taught in departments and through revision classes.

Learning how to learn is central to a good education; learning is our business at Robert Gordon’s College.