Leavers' Destinations

The vast majority of our pupils go on to Higher Education once they leave school. During the last four years, the following patterns have been evident:

  • More than 50% of leavers go on to study at four major Scottish institutions: Aberdeen University, Edinburgh University, Glasgow University and Robert Gordon University.
  • Around 10% study at English universities, including Oxbridge, the major London universities, Bristol, Durham, Manchester, Newcastle and Warwick.
  • Overseas universities attended by RGC pupils have included the University of British Columbia, the University of Queensland and the University of Toronto.
  • The most popular courses with RGC leavers are Engineering; Science; Business, Economics and Management; Law; Medicine.
  • 12% of pupils take a Gap Year before going on to University while 5% embark on Further Education courses and 4% go directly into employment or vocational training.
  • 98% of S6 leavers go on to higher or further education.