Nursery Curriculum

Young children learn through play. At Robert Gordon's College Nursery we recognise the possibilities of play as providing opportunities to foster curiosity, resilience, leadership and learning.  

In our nursery, children will experience a wide range of planned activities and challenges designed to promote active learning both indoors and outdoors. These activities are based upon children’s interests, local and topical events and seasonal themes.

We follow a Curriculum for Excellence enabling our children to become, Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Effective Contributors and Responsible Citizens. 

The nursery is an active and engaged part of the wider school. The nursery children visit the Junior School regularly for assemblies, library visits and Specialist subject teaching including Creative Dance, French, Music and Physical Education.

In January, all  Pre-School Nursery children are invited to complete the assessment for Primary One, as entry to the Junior School is not automatic.