Senior School by Departments

There are eighteen academic departments in the Senior School. These pages give general information about each department and the subjects and courses they teach.

For more detailed information about the courses being taught at each level, please see our curriculum booklets which are available to download.

Departments are now starting to phase out Intermediate 2 teaching to Third and Fourth Years as is shown below.

Current S2

Will choose National 5 in all subjects for Third and Fourth Year.  Greek is no longer being examined by SQA and an alternative syllabus e.g. GCSE is being decided on.

Current S3

Only Modern Languages and Greek are still presenting at Intermediate 2 in Third and Fourth Year.  All other subjects are presenting at National 5.

Current S4

The following subjects are teaching towards National 5: Art, Computing Science, Drama, Geography, Graphic Communication, History, Latin, Mathematics, Modern Studies and Engineering Science.  The remaining subjects are all teaching towards Intermediate 2.

September 2013