Senior School Curriculum

The structure of the Senior School curriculum at RGC is as follows:

  • S1-S2 Curriculum which builds on Primary curriculum and as a foundation to the S3-S4 curriculum based on CfE principles.
  • S3-S4 eight National 5 subjects.
  • S5-S6 Higher Grade and Advanced Higher. S6 pupils have Higher courses particular to them and specifically designed enhancement courses.

The above courses are delivered by means of a 40 period x 40 minute week, mostly in double periods of 80 minutes where the purpose of the timetable is to maximise pupils choice and optimise economy of resources.

Curriculum Committee

Reporting to the Head of College, the Deputy Head responsible for Curriculum oversees the development of the curriculum and chairs the Curriculum Committee which consists of representative Heads of Department from the Senior School.  The committee’s role is as follows:

  • To oversee the delivery and development of the Senior School curriculum.
  • To ensure that the curriculum meets the needs of our pupils in term of delivering academic excellence and personal development.
  • To advise the Chair, and the Head of College, of the resource implications arising from curricular development in terms of staffing, accommodation and timetabling issues.
  • To ensure curricular liaison with relevant partners, for example: Local Primary Schools, RGC Junior School, Parents, Governors, Employers and Universities.

New course proposals from Heads of Department are submitted to the Head of College and Deputy Head (Curriculum) outlining reasons for the proposal and include  how the Head of Department wishes to address any resource issues which may arise.

Curriculum booklets are available in the quicklinks to the right of this page.