Secondary 1-2

The move to Senior School is a time of excitement and high expectations for Gordon’s pupils.  Children from our own and many other Primary schools come together on their Induction Day in June to meet the classmates who will share their experience of secondary school, as well as their Form and Guidance Teachers, who will stay with them through the next six years.

Our common course in S1 and 2 is designed to take account of each child’s prior learning and to stimulate them through the variety of teachers, subjects and learning styles they will encounter.  High expectations from the start ensure a continuing sense of exploration and challenge.

Biology, Chemistry and Physics – as well as History and Geography – are taught as separate subjects, and the Latin course is both popular and challenging.   This curriculum for excellence ensures the pupils develop understanding in depth, while coordination between subjects enables them to make cross links between different areas of study.  Class sizes are usually less than 20 in both classroom and practical subjects, which enables individual pupils to receive the guidance they need to make their intellectual discoveries both rewarding and successful.

Good communication keeps family and school together at this crucial stage of education, from talking to parents about how their child is settling in to the senior school to the extensive support provided for the process of choosing subjects for examination courses.  These are the years when children grow more aware of their individuality and potential.  A well planned Personal and Social Education programme addresses their increased involvement in the world into which they are growing, helping them to make informed choices in their school and personal lives.