Gordon's Forever

Bursary Programme

Robert Gordon's College has a strong and enviable tradition of bursary provision.  One in seven of our senior school pupils benefit from our Bursary programmes.

It is our ambition to continue to grow our Bursary Programme to increase the number of bursaries available. Achieving this goal will mean greater opportunities for even more children in the North East of Scotland.

We have an increasing requirement for funding in this area as we build the College endowment which supports bursaries. To be able to offer one full fee place at Gordon’s on a continuous basis, we need capital of at least £300,000 to generate enough income annually.

We need your help if we are going to achieve our aspiration of doubling the number of full fee bursaries we can offer.

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Bob Crawford"Being able to attend Gordon’s on a bursary significantly increased my opportunities in life. My gift was prompted by my desire to follow the admonition of our Founder, to repay this debt."
Bob Crawford (Class of '39)


Ashara Taylor"A bursary to RGC presented me with opportunities, both academic and otherwise, which allowed me to realise my potential and prepare me for my career. Robert Gordon's College was founded to help the less fortunate and I am proud that the RGC of today remains committed to this goal."
Ashara Taylor (Class of '10)


Bill Rattray

"For myself, the bursary I received allowed opportunities in my life that I might never have had; I would like to feel that I can now play a part in offering such opportunities to others."
Bill Rattray (Class of '76)


"It has been a privilege to put something back into the school which gave me so much, but which I would never have been able to attend without the bursary I received."
Robert Jones (Class of '48)