Global Alliance for Innovative Learning (GAIL)

International education and global citizenship begin at Robert Gordon’s College in our nursery and extend to every part of college life – we are by our very make-up an international school. 

In order to extend our facilities beyond the vaulted gateway and into the world beyond, we have formed an alliance with schools in other parts of the world whose vision and ethos we share. Robert Gordon’s College is proud to be a member of the Global Alliance for Innovative Learning (GAIL) working with:

Gregor Duncan  2Through this alliance, pupils and staff from each institution can experience living and working together in pursuit of a global objective: to learn from each other, to recognise a common humanity which transcends cultural and religious differences and to see one’s own culture from a different perspective. Mr Gregor Duncan (pictured right) is our GAIL Champion.

It is our hope that everybody at Robert Gordon’s College will benefit from a truly global perspective of teaching and learning. Pupils involved in GAIL will be invited to attend an annual convention at a selected host school. They will gain invaluable experience of different cultures, lifestyles and hopefully make enduring global friendships.

Robert Gordon's College is strongly committed to enhancing the professional development of teachers and of driving further progress in the Junior and Senior Schools through enhanced awareness of best practice in education. This is powerfully assisted through annual Staff Fellowships arranged through the GAIL network of partner schools. Every year two staff are approved to undertake international research at a GAIL partner school on a topic which supports improvement at Gordon's. This is an innovative and forward thinking initiative, with a research paper being written on return that informs further thought and action at Gordon's. As well as sending Staff Fellows, we assist with hosting several visiting academic staff from other global partner schools, who in turn broaden the links and learning between our international network of schools.

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