House Activities

The College is proud of the four Houses to which all pupils belong. These are Blackfriars, Collyhill, Sillerton and Straloch and all have long historical association of a personal nature or related to location with the school. House membership means pupils have an identity with a smaller more accessible group within a large institution.

A huge range of activities, many competitive, are arranged, organised and administered by the House staff. From these events pupils gain points which contribute to the annual John Reid Trophy.

Nicola Stephen

House events cover a huge range from sport and music to less traditional activities such as Quidditch and “Best Friends Forever”. Cultural interests can also find a place through Photography and Debating. Some events are large and very traditional like the Swimming Gala or Sports Day when pupils of all ages compete together. But despite the houses themselves being long established, new events are being offered all the time to enable pupils to identify with and participate for their House.

 Miss Stephen, House Events Coordinator

House Team

  • Blackfriars Housemistress: Miss Robertson
  • Collyhill Housemistress: Mrs MacLean
  • Sillerton Housemistress: Miss Robb
  • Straloch Housemistress: Miss Holdsworth