The Mathematics Department consists of fourteen members of staff. We aim to extend pupils’ knowledge and understanding of Mathematics, and to develop their mathematical skills through collaborative group work, individual text based learning, group discussion and interactive resources.  We encourage pupils to appreciate Mathematics and its usefulness in problem solving in everyday life as well as in specialised contexts.

Mathematics is taught to all pupils in S1 to S4 in preparation for national qualifications at the appropriate levels.

Although Mathematics is optional in S5 the great majority study the subject in some form. A larger number study Higher Mathematics with a view to presentation in S5 and a smaller number aim for presentation in S6.

S6 pupils who have shown significant aptitude and interest in the subject can study an Advanced Higher course. These sixth year courses provide a variety of Mathematics including papers in Pure Maths, Statistics and Mechanics.

Maths Club

Maths Club is for any Senior School pupil to attend who would like some additional help with tasks originating from the Maths department or to catch up work due to absence from a lesson(s) or to have a quiet place to do Math homework or to undertake some consolidation and revision with the assurance that a maths specialist is available to assist when required.

There are eight Maths Club sessions available for pupils to attend, four lunchtime sessions from 1.30pm to 2pm and four afternoon sessions from 3.30pm to 4.30pm (pupils must arrive by 3.45pm). An additional lunchtime session is dedicated to S5/S6 pupils only.
Posters displayed around the department detail the specific days and room.


MyMaths is a web-based resource providing access to a range of interactive lessons, tasks with instant feedback and online homework exercises and some mathematical games. 
MyMaths will help students consolidate and practise their mathematical skills, raise achievement levels, and ensure they perform their best in assessments.
To access the website on a mobile device you may need to use a Java enabled web browser such as Puffin Academy (download available for free).

MyMaths school login details are displayed on posters around the Maths department. If any pupil would like a reminder of their individual login (for recording work), please contact your Maths teacher.

MyMaths Guidance for Parents