Debating Update

Posted: Monday 13 November 2017


Glasgow University Union Debating Competition

Four Senior pupils entered two teams in the Glasgow University Union Debating Competition on 6 November.

Emma and Nivi (S4), Ishani (S5) and Molly (S6) participated in a long day, with four short prep debates on complex motions such as whether or not developing nations should host international sporting events, whether those with risky lifestyles should pay higher taxes, whether celebrities should receive harsher penalties for crimes and whether privileged women should head up feminist movements.

Miss Hendry said: "The pupils all did an excellent job and both teams achieved at least one first place result over the course of the day. It was also lovely to see former pupil Kaitlyn Mailer (Class of '17), who was a swing speaker. Whilst our pupils didn't break to the final on this occasion, they weren't far away, and they were, as ever, a real credit to the school."

NOSS Debating Competition

On 2 November, Val and Molly (both S6) took part in the third round of the North of Scotland Schools Debating Competition. They were proposing the motion, 'This House Believes that our Right to a Private Life is Under Serious Threat from Modern Technology'. They spoke superbly, and Nathan and I were very impressed by their use of rebuttal, their engagement in the debate and the sophistication of their arguments. Unfortunately, they weren't placed on this occasion but were a genuine credit to the school . 

English Speaking Union (ESU) Mace Debating Competition

We hosted the first round of the competition here at RGC on 1 November. Val and Molly were proposing the motion, 'This House Believes that a Language that Needs Protecting isn't worth Protecting'. They did a superb job, and quite comprehensively beat the Gordon Schools, who were in opposition. The judges were particularly impressed by Molly's excellent speaking style and Val's clearly articulated arguments. Credit must also go to Molly who managed to win this debate before dashing off to the Northsound Energy Quiz.

Annual Debater Trophy

We also took part in the annual Debater Trophy competition, an event that pits us against Albyn School and St Margaret's School for Girls. We had a junior and senior team participating. The juniors, Benedict and Lenox (both S2) were opposing the motion 'This House Believes that as Science Progresses, Happiness Increases', whilst our seniors, Anna and Darcey (both S4) were proposing it. Unfortunately Lenox had to pull out at the last minute, leaving Benedict to perform an impressive 'iron man' act by speaking twice in a row. Whilst we did not win on this occasion, all our speakers did a great job. The victory went to the Albyn Senior Team in the end, with one of the St Margaret's juniors winning the best speaker prize. 


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