Aberdeen Brain Bee Competition

Posted: Tuesday 6 March 2018


In February five pupils from S1 to S3 visited the Aberdeen Science Centre to take part in the Aberdeen Brain Bee, a local neuroscience competition. The pupils' cerebral cortices were challenged by a written test based on their general knowledge of the nervous system and a practical assessment. In the latter the pupils had to build models of the cerebrum and organs associated with proprioception as well as make attempts to diagnose a neural disorder through dialogue with an actor. The pupils' enthusiasm and engagement with the activities and talks was exemplary. The top three places in the competition were taken by Disha Nandish (S1) , Anish Subramaniam (S2) and Hashim Iqbal (S3) who now have the opportunity to participate in the National Brain Bee competition later this year. Disha's performance is all the more remarkable as the Brain Bee is aimed at pupils aged 14 to 19! The next Aberdeen Brain Bee will likely be held in the Autumn term. Pupils should look out for announcements on the RGC Biology Pupil Google Classroom about this and other upcoming Biology competitions.

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