S5 participate in international Classics competition

Posted: Monday 2 April 2018


S5 pupils Kirsty F, Emma R, Amy M and Jude E (S5) travelled to George Heriots' school in Edinburgh to represent the college in CICERO (Certamen In Concordiam Europae Regionumque Orbis), an international Classics competition.

The pupils completed a cultural quiz on the subject of the Roman poet Ovid, a general classical knowledge quiz and the translation element of the competition. This involved tackling an unseen section of Vergil's Aeneid, the poem from where RGC draws its Latin motto.

The pupils performed well and are awaiting confirmation of their results. In addition, the pupils were given some Roman relationship advice in a lecture on Ovid's love poetry delivered by University of Glasgow academic Dr Natalia Tsoumpra. 

Mr Galbraith and Miss Carter

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