Head of College's Welcome

It is a privilege to lead a learning community such as Robert Gordon's College.  Pupils, staff, parents and supporters work together to give every pupil the best possible education – one which will equip them with the academic, social and emotional skills to find success in a rapidly changing world.  In our school, good learning allied to strong effort leads to academic attainment - but our pupils also grow in self-knowledge, self-respect and self-confidence.         

I believe that an effective school should provide a busy, challenging and happy childhood as a good preparation for life.  At Gordon’s each pupil will discover the opportunities, encouragement and understanding which they need in order to make the very best progress ahead.

Children are all different and each Gordon's pupil can discover their individuality and nurture their abilities to the highest level of fulfilment.  All Robert Gordon’s College pupils aim for the highest standard of academic excellence and we at Gordon’s believe that this will be more surely achieved – and more richly enhanced – by the diversity of activities in which pupils engage and by the happiness and security of their life at school.

We look forward to meeting you at Robert Gordon's College and invite you to visit this very special school.

Mr Simon Mills, Head of Robert Gordon's College