Pupils' Welcome

As school captains we are extremely proud to welcome you to Robert Gordon’s College, where we strive to ensure each pupil receives a well-rounded, educational experience. In doing so, our pupils are given a great variety of opportunities; may that be in sport, art, drama, music or in the classroom.

Our state-of-the-art facilities such as our Performing Arts Centre, Science and Technology Building and Junior School provide a truly fantastic learning environment, where you can explore and develop your individual talents. We believe that these facilities allow pupils to reach their full potential in any field while enjoying the modern and well-equipped classrooms offered to all at the College.

Robert Gordon’s College’s main aim is to allow pupils to be all they can be. The vast array of opportunities along with extremely helpful, highly qualified and approachable staff, help pupils achieve this, and more, as the rich variety of extra-curricular clubs available to all is second to none. From exploring the Scottish Highlands with Hillwalking Club, to building your very own functioning robot at STEM club. These activities are enjoyable but also equip pupils with skills and attributes which will help them thrive after leaving school.

Robert Gordon’s is renowned for its strong sense of community while also respecting its traditions and heritage. If you chose our school then Gordon’s will warmly welcome you into a friendly community that exists not only on campus, but around the world.

You will be welcomed with open arms at Robert Gordon’s College and we look forward to meeting you soon.

Sarah and Cameron (School Captains 2017-2018)