The Art Department consists of four full time members of teaching staff with a diverse range of skills, supported by a full time technician also qualified in Art.

We are based in a modern suite of rooms with a ceramics area, darkroom, ICT suite and dedicated sixth year studio. The impressive record of student success is based upon a determination to provide at all times a rewarding, stimulating, challenging and enjoyable experience for all students. We equip each student with a range of skills that permits lively awareness and understanding of the visual world and its links to fine art, craft, sculpture, design and photography.

Pupils follow a common course in S1/S2 and then have the option of taking the subject in S3 and S4 leading to presentation at National 4 or 5. Students in S5 follow the Higher Art syllabus and are joined by some S6 pupils. Advanced Higher courses are studied in Design or Fine Art by pupils in S6 who have shown significant aptitude and interest in the subject and have previously completed qualifications in the subject.

The Department is well resourced and offers a range of extra-curricular clubs, excursions and field trips. We also regularly work with other Art organisations in the city. Every year, a number of our pupils go on to study Fine Art, Architecture and Design at some of the top institutions in the UK. Photography is one of our Departmental strengths, with a large uptake at Higher in S6 and considerable success in National competitions.