Pupils follow a common course in S1/S2 and then have the option of taking the National 5 course in S3 and S4. As part of our National 5 courses, pupils also complete the Added Value Unit for National 4 which in Chemistry takes the form of an assignment. The Higher course is available in S5 and is also taken by some S6 pupils. The Advanced Higher course is studied in S6 by pupils who have shown significant aptitude and interest in the subject.

In addition to teaching Chemistry up to Advanced Higher, we have a very popular Science club for S1 pupils. The department runs analytical chemistry competitions for S4 and S5 pupils which gives them the opportunity to develop a range of skills such as practical skills, analytical thinking and scientific writing.  Teams of three S5 and S6 pupils are entered for the national Royal Society of Chemistry Schools’ Analyst Competition each year. Our pupils are also encouraged to enter the Royal Society of Chemistry Olympiad competition.

In conjunction with the other sciences, those S5 pupils with the interest and aptitude have the opportunity to apply for a Bursary from the Nuffield Foundation to carry out scientific research during the summer between S5 and S6.