It is our belief that teaching in the twenty-first century is focused on creating ambitious, self-motivated, confident pupils. As English teachers, it is our responsibility to foster and encourage a love of reading, and an appreciation of literature, in our pupils.  We also aim to develop essential, transferable life skills through interactive methodologies which will enable pupils to express themselves clearly and effectively, interpreting the world around them insightfully, thus building confidence and providing them with the greatest range of options in life. We hope that we can help pupils become confident, articulate and interesting individuals through a series of challenging and inspiring courses.

Pupils follow a common course in S1 and S2, and the National 5 course in S3 and S4.  As part of our National 5 course, pupils also complete the Added Value Unit for National 4 which, in English, takes the form of a solo talk about two texts of the pupil’s choice.  Pupils must also complete the National 4 Literacy Unit, which is combined with their S3 assessment and comprises reading, writing, talking and listening.  The Higher course is taken by the vast majority of pupils in S5. The Advanced Higher course is studied in S6 by pupils who have shown significant aptitude and interest in the subject. 

The English Department is involved in a number of extra-curricular activities such as debating, creative writing, film club, book clubs, revision workshops, the school newspaper, The Times Spelling Bee and BBC News School Report. Pupils’ work is contributed to the Gordonian magazine and we enter a number of local and national competitions on a regular basis.  We also offer frequent opportunities to attend theatrical and cinematic productions in order to improve pupils’ understanding and appreciation of the texts that they are studying in class.