Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies

Our aims are:

  • Respect for the beliefs, values, views and customs of others.
  • Memorable learning about religious beliefs and practices, philosophical views and moral values.
  • Personal reflection on relevant issues.
  • Skills of critical thought and sensitive, intelligent evaluation.

Course Choice Options

The Department delivers SQA Courses in RMPS & Philosophy, from National 5 to Advanced Higher as course choice options:

  • S3/4: National 5 Religious, Moral & Philosophical Studies
  • S5/6: Higher Religious, Moral & Philosophical Studies
  • S6: Higher Philosophy, Advanced Higher Religious, Moral & Philosophical Studies

Core RMPS Syllabus

RMPS is also a “Core” subject taught to all pupils in S1-S5:

  • S1/2: A broad, academic introduction to religion and morality in general terms as a foundation for future study.
  • S3 /4: Intermediate 2 RMPS Unit – Making Moral Decisions (2013-14)
  • S5: Higher Philosophy Unit - Critical Thinking
  • S6: Advanced Higher Medical Ethics Enhancement Unit (optional).