The Technology Department comprises three full-time members of staff and two part-time.

Two discrete subjects (Graphic Communication and Engineering Science/Technological Studies) are offered in each year up to and including Advanced Higher provision in S6. A crash course of Higher Product Design is also offered for S6.

Our aims are:

  • To develop pupils' understanding of the ways in which products or systems might be controlled and how they might be made to work more effectively.
  • To foster the ability to initiate, develop and communicate ideas graphically.
  • To develop expertise in computer-aided graphics.
  • To develop an appreciation of key issues in technology such as the environment, the contexts in which these issues may be viewed, and the constraints within which solutions or designs must be achieved.

Pupils follow a common course in S1/S2 and then have the option of taking the N5 courses Graphic Communication and/or Engineering Science in S3 and S4. Higher courses in both Graphic Communication and Technological Studies are available in S5 and are also taken by some S6 pupils. The Advanced Higher courses in both subjects are studied in S6 by pupils who have shown significant aptitude and interest.