Support for Learning

The Support for Learning (SFL) department is committed to the provision of appropriate and effective support for all pupils including those who have an additional support need that may affect their educational progress. By providing support across the curriculum and across the years every pupil can be enabled to achieve his or her very best.

Robert Gordon’s College is committed to Early Intervention and encourages referrals from teachers, parents and the pupils themselves should it be felt that there is any barrier to learning. SFL teachers will then follow up on referrals and, through discussion and internal assessments, will determine if a pupil requires any extra supports and put these into place.

In S1 and S2 the pupils are supported with their literacy and numeracy during English and Mathematics classes where needed with either qualified teachers or a classroom assistant working alongside the subject teacher to enable pupils to make the maximum progress. This method of support continues into S3 and S4 and can go forward to S6 if required.

Tutorial Time

For some pupils this level of support does not fully meet their needs and it may be necessary for him or her to drop a subject to allow more concentrated support via Tutorial time. This will be up to seven periods a week dependent on the school year of the pupil and the level of support needed. Pupil’s needs are assessed on an individual basis and are reviewed annually. Any pupil who has Tutorial time will have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) drawn up which will contain the Long Term and Short Term Targets for the year. SfL submits reports in line with other subject departments and is present at Parents’ Evenings for consultation by any parent.  

All Tutorial pupils will have an annual review where his or her progress is discussed with the Head of SFL, parents and the pupil, him or herself.  Plans and targets for the upcoming year are also discussed.

Alternative Assessment Arrangements

It is possible for pupils to have Alternative Assessment Arrangements (AAA) for tests and exams. The procedure for determining whether AAAs are applied is rigorous to ensure fairness and equity for all. Extra time is the most frequently applied AAA with some pupils also using text entry (with or without spell check) and/or digital readers. The provision for AAAs is carefully monitored from S1 and adjusted by the subject teacher according to need. Therefore, a pupil may get AAA for one subject but not for another. Any AAA awarded will continue on with the pupil to University.

Pupils who receive support in Junior School can be supported with AAA during the Entrance Exam if required.

Further enquiries can be directed to Mrs Alison Smith, Head of Support for Learning.