Name an Element in the Periodic Table of Elements

The Periodic Table of Elements will be an impressive feature in the Foyer of The Wood Foundation Centre for Science & Technology. Featuring all 118 elements, each element will cost £5,000 and you can select an Element of your choice subject to availability.

Elements are available for naming after individuals, companies, year groups or in memory of a loved one. Some organisations may wish to name the elements that they work with on a daily basis. Alternatively, you may prefer to select at random or from a particular group of elements – such as the metals, alkalines or non-metals.

We are flexible with the naming text, but please bear in mind that space is limited due to the nature of the design of the table. Elements will be sold on a first come first serve basis so do check with us if your choice is available.

Periodic tableIn order to purchase an Element please contact Sarah-Jane Beaton in the Development Office on 01224 656838 or email (select Development). Alternatively, you can donate online by selecting the ‘Name an Element’ option.