Why work at Robert Gordon's College?

As a city, Aberdeen is a very agreeable place to live and in particular to bring up children. The coastlines, forests, fields and mountains of north-east Scotland create a beautiful environment and the castles, golf courses and distilleries are world-renowned. 

There are many people in the city from all over the world who, having come here not knowing much about the North East of Scotland, have chosen to remain for the rest of their lives.  It is a city which is big enough to provide all the amenities of a major city and yet intimate enough to feel part of.  Above all, thanks to the oil industry, the city, like the school, is a very cosmopolitan community with families moving here from every part of the world, including many people with multi-cultural and international backgrounds.

Coming to Gordon’s you would be joining a school community with a very strong sense of identity, built on its history and long tradition of excellence.  The school has an unusually high profile within the City of Aberdeen, not just in the sense that the uniform is well known around the city but also in the huge range of people in the community who have an interest in the well-being of the school, whether they be former pupils, current pupils and parents or those looking to send their children here in the future. 

The professional learning environment is excellent, with a focus on sharing good practise in learning and teaching, on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and on the highest possible academic standards. We offer the opportunity to work with well motivated pupils where teaching and learning is at the heart of all our activities and ethos at the school.The extra-curricular life of the school is a crucial part of the pupils' experience and one in which all staff join enthusiastically. Above all, the ethos of the school is welcoming and positive, among staff, parents and pupils.

Our desire is to recruit and retain staff of the highest calibre and we are always keen to meet with teaching colleagues for a discussion around opportunities for exciting education at all stages of a young person's life. 

Aberdonians with no direct connection to the school take pride in it as a local institution.  It is a most friendly as well as a purposeful and well-focused school, which is confident in its core business of advancing learning and teaching while at the same time providing an enjoyable community life for its staff.