Visit Countesswells

The outdoor sports facilities at Countesswells are a short drive from our Schoolhill Campus and are used for curricular Games across the College from Primary 3 upwards every week. Key highlights include: 

  • International standard water-based hockey pitch.
  • International Hockey Federation accredited, sand-dressed pitch (and supports football, netball and tennis).
  • Extensive grass rugby facilities boast three international sized rugby pitches with five other pitches of sizes, alongside a large and fully floodlit training area.
  • Cricket facilities include a well maintained grass square with eight pitches, a synthetic pitch, three outdoor practice nets and two indoor practice nets.
  • Pavilion with indoor changing and catering facilities.


  1. Rugby pitch no. 1
  2. Rugby pitch no. 2
  3. Rugby pitch no. 3
  4. Rugby pitch no. 4
  5. Rugby pitch no. 5
  6. Rugby pitch no. 6
  7. Rugby pitch no. 7

8. Rugby pitch no. 8
9. Rugby pitch no. 9
10. Rugby Training area
11. Water based Hockey pitch
12. Sand based Hockey pitch
13. Pavilion and First Aid
14. Grandstand


15. Cricket practice nets
16. Small Hockey pitch
17. Small Hockey pitch
18. Small Hockey pitch
19. Cricket Pavilion
20. Football pitch 1
21. Cricket Square
22. Football pitch 2