The Arts

Robert Gordon’s College programme of creative and expressive arts helps pupils develop into learners who are confident and ambitious with high levels of self-esteem. They are motivated to explore and challenge assumptions, they are imaginative and take ownership of their own learning and thinking, open-minded and confident risk-takers. Our programme of curricular and extra-curricular artistic, musical, dramatic and theatrical activities develops confidence and well-being in children and young people.

Creativity and innovation is embedded across learning via the creation of a structured programme for all pupils throughout the Nursery, Junior and Senior years to take part in the creative and expressive arts. We have state-of-the-art facilities to support these areas with specialist teachers to lead the way and to ensure full integration of these subjects with other teachers to establish cross-curricular links. The creative and expressive arts is central to the life of the school. It’s an inclusive culture where every child gets the opportunity to take part through the curriculum or by participation in an co-curricular club.

Why do we do it? We know that positive experiences in the creative and expressive arts can be used as a tool to promote self-esteem, confidence and help children to feel a sense of achievement.