Outdoor Education

Our strong Outdoor Education programme integrates with the core curriculum.

There are many day trips beyond the school gates for our pupils, beginning in Nursery with the first trips into the local community and progressing to Primary class visits to places of historical, cultural, geographical or scientific interest in the local and wider community. Junior School pupils pursue the John Muir Award, an environmental scheme which encourages awareness, conservation and knowledge sharing.

During the Senior School Projects Weeks pupils engage in a wide variety of activities based in the outdoors. We believe that this type of activity plays an important part in the overall well being of a young person whilst giving the chance to meet new people and try a wide range of different activities.

Our exciting programme of residential trips for our P5 - P7 and Senior pupils provide the opportunity for pupils to stretch their experience and self-confidence away from home, allowing staff and pupils to interact away from the classroom and the benefits are immense.