Welcome to Robert Gordon's College. We believe that the purpose of a school is to enable children to discover themselves, explore what they find interesting and exciting, and what challenges them. All of the pupils of Robert Gordon’s College are supported by staff to develop their individual strengths – whether that be academic progress, arts or sport – through unrivalled opportunity and choice, via academic breadth and extracurricular activities. At Robert Gordon’s College we offer the opportunity and diversity of a big school with the community and support of a small one.

As Head of College I am honoured to be part of a school where pupils, parents and staff respect each other, and are proud to contribute to their community. Robert Gordon’s College is a school where we look at the whole child and make education not just an academic goal, but a journey of challenge and self-discovery where pupils fulfil their potential. It’s no surprise that the everyday translation of our motto “omni nunc arte magistra” is “Be all you can be.”

The development of your daughter or son is the most valuable investment any family can make. We share those goals of developing each young person to their fullest extent.

I invite you to take the opportunity to learn more about Robert Gordon’s College and we look forward to welcoming you as a part of this special community.

Mr Simon Mills, Head of College

Simon Mills, Head of Robert Gordon's College

Simon Mills joined Robert Gordon’s College in 2014. After graduating from the University of Cambridge with a BA (Hons) in Geography and Post Graduate Certificate in Education, Simon began his career working for BP Oil before starting his career in education.




Kirsty and Rohan, School Captains 2018-2019

"You will be welcomed with open arms. The excellent teachers, equipment and facilities at Robert Gordon’s College allow every pupil to do their best academically and the vast array of extra-curricular clubs on offer mean that pupils can also flourish outside of the classroom. From exploring the Scottish Highlands to building a functioning robot, there’s something for everyone. One of the most prevalent features of Robert Gordon’s College is our strong sense of community. All pupils, teachers and staff contribute towards the positive and enthusiastic atmosphere at the school. If you choose our school then you will be warmly welcomed into our community that exists on campus and around the world."