Gender Pay Gap Report

Robert Gordon’s College (RGC, the College) continues to be committed to fairness, transparency and inclusion in its employment practices. Recruitment and  promotion to positions within the College are on the basis of merit alone. The College carries out recruitment in an open and equitable way, and adheres to best practice standards within the sector.  The College does not normally award  bonuses to staff or others associated with the College. 

The infographic (displayed below) shows the overall mean and median gender pay gap based on hourly rates of pay as at the snapshot date of 4 April 2021. It also sets out the gender pay distribution at RGC by analysing the workforce pay rates into quartiles. As of the snapshot date, a total of 225 female staff and 94 male staff were considered to be “relevant employees”. 

RGC is confident that women and men are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs across the College.  Our aim is to reduce the gender pay gap at a more senior level by continuing to both encourage and support female staff and/or external female applicants to apply for senior roles, and ensuring that pay is based on job role and not the individual. We also plan to focus on pay rates for different roles such as janitorial and administrative roles at the less senior level, to ensure parity between comparable roles.  We will continue to maintain clear governance on pay awards for senior staff.  

I confirm that the data reported is accurate. 

Mr Robin J. A. Macpherson, Head of College
April 2022

The quartiles represent the employees of the College divided into four equally sized groups of employees based on their hourly earnings, working from the lowest paid employees to the highest paid employees.  The gender split in those groups is then calculated and displayed in the graphics.