Robert Gordon's College is committed to maintaining the quality of the learning and teaching and extra-curricular experiences for our pupils whilst continuing to offer excellent value for money. We continue to make every effort to manage our cost base without compromising the school’s excellence in education.  

Included in the tuition fees are all SQA examination fees (with the exception of unsuccessful appeals). We also provide insurance cover for accidental injury to pupils which provides 24-hour protection for the academic year and holidays whilst on College activities.


Nursery Fees 2019-20


Annual Fee Daily Fee
Year round (48 weeks)
All day
£13,920 £58 per day

Year round (48 weeks)
Half day (morning or afternoon)

£6,960 £29 per day
Term - time (37 weeks)
All day
£11,100 £60 per day
Term - time (37 weeks)
Half day (morning or afternoon)
£5,550 £30 per day

Nursery fees are inclusive of lunches and snacks.

School Fees 2019-20

Year Excluding lunch Including lunch
Primary 1 £8,765 £9,250
Primary 2 £8,765 £9,270
Primary 3 £11,905 £12,410
Primary 4-7 £11,905 £12,535
Senior £13,640  


Nursery Funding

Robert Gordon’s College is an Early Learning and Childcare Funded Partner with Aberdeen City Council. Parents of children in the nursery who are eligible for the Early Learning and Childcare Grant will receive a maximum of £2,121 (session 2018-19) towards the cost of nursery fees. The funding is paid directly from the Council to the College and will be deducted from the invoice. We also accept Childcare Vouchers applicable towards Nursery and out of hours care fees. 


Ancillary Costs

When budgeting, families should consider annual ancillary costs including uniform, stationery, curricular day trips (some of which are chargeable), residential trips from Primary 5 and purchase of an iPad from Primary 7. Optional extracurricular trips are available from P7 onwards to UK and overseas destinations.

Families making use of additional services such as lunches, school buses, Out of Hours Care and Music tuition should consider these costs separately.

Families seeking to better understand annual ancillary costs for a particular entry point to the College, particularly Senior 1, should contact our Admissions Manager or Director of Finance.

Sibling Discount

There is sibling discount available at 30% for third and subsequent children of school families whilst they remain at the College.

Please be aware the sibling discounts in place at August 2011, namely a 5% discount for a second child in the school (P1-S6) and a 40% discount for the third and subsequent child in the school (P1-S6) were frozen at this level for all children at the College at that date and, whilst they remain at the College, for their siblings should they come into the school thereafter.

The discount is allocated to the youngest sibling from Primary 1 upwards and is not based on the date of entry. This discount is not applicable to Nursery siblings.

Payment Methods

Annual fees can either be paid termly in three instalments of 40% (August), 35% (January) and 25% (April) or by 10 monthly instalments via direct debit (from September).