Keanu (S2), inspired by the technology curriculum, has created wonderful mini 3D models of the Auld Hoose.

Part of the Business, Economics and Enterprise Club, Keanu is selling these prints, in different sizes and colours, at the Christmas Market on 16th December at Schoolhill, where all proceeds will support Maggie’s Aberdeen

Keanu shared: “I had already done a bit of 3D modelling in Primary 7 where I built and used a model of the Auld Hoose in animations, but it was quite glitchy, so I thought, why not try again now, but better. 

“I was inspired to get back into 3D modelling through my Technology class; we had been doing 3D sketching at the start of the year and that really pulled me back into the 3D mindset. I started watching YouTube videos of people doing 3D modelling and 3D printing, and I thought I had to give it a go.”

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Pupil creates 3D models in support of local charity