Fire up the Future

Throughout April, May and June, Gordonians and friends were invited to the new Fire up the Future Webinar series. Thirty former pupils from across the UK, US and Asia-Pacific joined the various panels in the series to share their career journeys and how the pandemic has impacted health and wellbeing, careers and how they are adapting to the new world as we come out of the curve.

In June, the series evolved to include its first industry specific webinar focusing on the evolving media industry and again featured panel discussions and advice to those wishing to work in journalism and broadcasting. 

Catch up on the live webinar recordings

An Audience with Iain Anderson: I've never done a global pandemic - have you?

An Audience with Steve Parkinson: Changemakers of the future

An Audience with Allan Fraser: Virtual Reality - resetting your mind to neutral

An Audience with Bob Ruddiman: How to prepare for the post pandemic world

An Audience with Rachel Spatz: Ways to thrive during and after the pandemic

An Audience with Amy Read: Creating opportunity out of crisis

Mike Elder, Head of Senior School, and our panel of speakers from STV News, BBC Media Action, John Schofield Trust and our S6 Media Group uncover the evolving media landscape and make sense of the headlines.

Panelist Profiles