Robert Gordon’s College’s Board of Governors is responsible for the governance, overall management and control of all aspects of our school.

Our Board of Governors comprises Appointed and Co-opted members who may be part of the College community as well as representatives of important and historical institutions within the City of Aberdeen and is supported by a number of committees and sub-committees.

Sub-committee members are appointed either to provide specific expertise, or to represent a section of the Gordon’s community, across the following areas: Health and Safety, Education, Finance and Property, Staff Affairs (Welfare), Scholarship (and Bursaries), Audit and Risk Management, Remuneration, Nominations and Development (including Alumni Relations).

The Governors delegate the day to day running of the College to our Head of College and Senior Management Team and report on the College’s activities and finances in their Annual Report and Financial Statements. The annual report is filed on the Scottish charity regulator (OSCR) website.   

Board of Governors

Appointed Governors

  • Professor James Hutchison, Chairman of Governors, Nominated by the University of Aberdeen
  • Mrs Elizabeth Clark, Nominated by the University of Aberdeen
  • Mrs Lorna Glen, Nominated by the Aberdeen Endowments Trust
  • Mr Graeme Nicol, Nominated by the Aberdeen Endowments Trust
  • Mr David Parkinson, Nominated by the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen
  • Rev. Dr Bruce Gardner, Nominated by the Presbytery of Aberdeen
  • Dr Walter Stephen, Nominated by the Gordonian Association
  • Mr Richard Levack, Nominated by the Gordonian Association
  • Councillor Bill Cormie, Nominated by the Aberdeen City Council
  • Councillor Ian Yuill, Nominated by the Aberdeen City Council
  • Councillor Jennifer Stewart, Nominated by the Aberdeen City Council
  • Councillor Ryan Houghton, Nominated by the Aberdeen City Council

Co-opted Governors

  • Mr Hugh Little
  • Dr Tracey J H Menzies
  • Mr Kevin Reynard
  • Mr Paul Stevenson
  • Mr Robert Ruddiman

Being a Governor

The role of a Governor brings with it rewards and satisfaction and adds an extra dimension to the expertise available in the running of an independent school. Governors bring outside skills to our educational setting, offer support and advice to our senior management team and also shape the future strategy of the College. Our Nominations Committee have identified the following skills as helpful and desirable – education, finance, child welfare, legal, communications and marketing, IT, human resources, property and construction. If you would like to register an interest in becoming a Governor at Robert Gordon's College, please contact us (select subject Recruitment).

Professor Hutchison, Chairman of Governors

"Our Governors’ role is to act as a trustee of a legally-constituted board, to plan and develop the strategic objectives and ensure the financial health of Robert Gordon's College and further so that the school complies with its legal requirements. It is a truly remarkable environment for education and we are committed to ensuring the tradition of excellence on which it was founded continues for generations to come."