International Community

Based in the heart of the city, Robert Gordon’s College is part of a global community providing opportunities for pupils to benefit from the experience of former pupils and partners (including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Corporate Partners, Institute of Physics, British International School of Houston, GAIL network and more) across the globe.

In order to extend our facilities into the world beyond, we have formed an alliance with schools in other parts of the world whose vision and ethos we share. Through this alliance, pupils and staff from each institution can experience living and working together in pursuit of a global objective: to learn from each other, to recognise a common humanity which transcends cultural and religious differences and to see one’s own culture from a different perspective.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

In 2015, Robert Gordon's College began it’s partnership with Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston as the first school in the UK to deliver MIT’s Global Teaching Lab (GTL) programme which brings world-class teaching from MIT to the North East of Scotland. Each year MIT undergraduate students visit Robert Gordon’s College for the month of January to deliver lessons, lectures and host workshops for Junior and Senior pupils. This opportunity has also been shared with schools across the north east of Scotland who are invited to Robert Gordon’s College to engage on STEM subjects and learn how they can progress from school to an international learning institution.

Global Alliance for Innovative Learning (GAIL)

Robert Gordon's College is strongly committed to enhancing the professional development of teachers and of driving further progress in the Junior and Senior Schools through enhanced awareness of best practice in education. This is powerfully assisted through annual Staff Fellowships arranged through the GAIL network of partner schools. Every year two staff are approved to undertake international research at a GAIL partner school on a topic which supports improvement at Gordon's. This is an innovative and forward thinking initiative, with a research paper being written on return that informs further thought and action at Gordon's. As well as sending Staff Fellows, we assist with hosting several visiting academic staff from other global partner schools, who in turn broaden the links and learning between our international network of schools.

British International School of Houston

Robert Gordon’s College has partnered with the British International School of Houston to offer families a smooth transition process when relocating to and from the cities and enhance the experiences of their shared pupils, parents and staff. The schools share many values and educational links including partnerships with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) teaching approaches, as well as exceptional practice in the performing arts of drama, dance, music and art.

Our partnership with MIT

MIT Students 2019

British International School of Houston

GAIL 2019: China

GAIL 2018: USA

GAIL 2017: South Africa