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Health and Wellbeing

Robert Gordon’s College is a place where pupils from all backgrounds flourish in an atmosphere of mutual tolerance and respect, emphasising high standards and concern for others. The pupils trust their teachers and acknowledge and value the support they receive from caring staff. Our aim is to empower pupils to set their own targets in the confidence they will achieve them.
Strong pastoral care is ingrained in the Junior School informally via Class Teachers and formally via the Health and Wellbeing programme which is delivered throughout the year. Across the Junior School class sizes are no larger than 22 in P1 and by P7 our maximum class size is 24 from P4-7. Each Year group has a Classroom Assistant and Playground Supervisor to further enhance support for girls and boys helping them to be happy and confident children.
All children have two Pupil Conferencing meetings annually, when they meet their teacher on a one-to-one meeting to reflect on their strengths and areas for development.
The Nursing Service at Robert Gordon’s College provides high quality nursing care for all pupils from Nursery through to S6. The registered nurses (RN) along with teachers aim to promote optimum physical and psychological health. Healthcare plans are prepared with families for pupils with healthcare needs such as epilepsy, diabetes or allergy. The school nurses work closely with specialist staff in the National Health Service to ensure that all care provided is research based, current and appropriate to the school setting. Onsite facilities include a dedicated treatment room in Junior School.

“Learning and teaching is of high quality and there are examples of outstanding practice. Children and young people enjoy learning and respond very well to the caring ethos.”

Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Education, 2016

“Health and wellbeing is very well planned and is a strength of the school. It covers the emotional aspect of children’s health very well and is a driver for giving the children confidence. It links very well to the pastoral side of the school’s work.”

Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Education, 2016