Higher Applications of Mathematics

Course Start Date: August 2023


Course Aims

The course aims to:  

  • equip candidates with the mathematical and statistical literacy skills they need for life, work and further study in a wide range of curricular areas
  • develop candidates’ financial literacy in real-life contexts
  • show candidates how they can use appropriate digital technology to manipulate and model mathematical, statistical and financial information
  • develop candidates’ mathematical reasoning skills so that they can generalise, build arguments, draw logical conclusions, assess risk, and make informed decisions in familiar and unfamiliar situations 
  • develop candidates’ range of mathematical skills so that they can analyse, interpret and present data and numerical information 
  • provide candidates with the skills to appraise quantitative information critically, considering modelling or statistical assumptions


The course contains a comprehensive range of skills within the following key areas:

  • Mathematical modelling  
  • Statistics and probability  
  • Finance  
  • Planning and decision making  


The course assessment has two components, which will be assessed externally:

Component Marks Duration
Component 1: question paper 80 2 hours and 30 minutes

Component 2: project

30 8 hours

Please note that these arrangements are subject to change.

Technical Requirements 

To ensure they have access to all the learning resources on offer students will need to ensure they have a device that meets the following technical requirements.

  • has installed the Chrome (recommended), Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox browser.

  • has an integrated microphone and webcam, or ability to support a plug-in webcam with microphone

  • has an internet connection with a minimum of 2mbps to support standard definition video to allow participation in the live Google Meet sessions. 

  • A keyboard and mouse to allow interfacing with the device, this will be necessary for the delivery of class tests during the session.