Robert Gordon’s College is a remarkable school. It has all the benefits of a large, vibrant school while still possessing a strong family identity. It is steeped in history and tradition but is determined to be cutting edge in its approach to learning and its adoption of digital technology. It is academic, competitive and high achieving while also being caring, respectful and well balanced. And while it sets out to achieve significant success and to make a real difference, it aims to do so with good humour, encouragement and a strong appreciation of what is best for each individual.

It is of course the pupils and staff of the College who make it such a stimulating, energetic, creative and caring environment. Our young people, who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, are motivated to learn and continually impress us with their capacity to undertake additional activities and achieve success in a wide range of co-curricular contexts while also excelling in their studies. Our teachers are passionate about imparting knowledge, sparking curiosity and supporting our pupils to become all that they can be; and our support staff contribute not only their administrative, practical and technical expertise but also a real desire to create the best possible environment for learning and development.

Robert Gordon’s College aims to equip and inspire young people for their futures on a daily basis. Our core values – Community, Curiosity, Innovation, Leadership and Resilience – underpin and support these goals while our staff make them happen through their dedication, expertise, professional skills and enthusiasm.

Mrs Clare Smith
Head of Senior School

"Pupils within the school benefit from the wide range of sporting, arts and science, technology, engineering and maths events, activities and competitions as well as music and drama productions."

Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Education