At Robert Gordon’s College, we support our pupils to achieve academic success and to develop the skills they need to ‘be all they can be’.  We believe that our ambitious and balanced Scottish curriculum offers a wide range of courses which help to develop our pupils’ talents and interests. These are nurtured and encouraged in a positive partnership between home and school where our pupils are given the opportunity to grow and develop in a stimulating and challenging environment.

Senior School pupils benefit from academic breadth and low average class sizes of fewer than 20 pupils. In S1-S2, pupils study a wide range of subjects including all three sciences taught separately and three languages over the course of the two years. In S3-S4, pupils study eight National 5 courses; in S5, pupils choose from 24 Highers and S6 pupils choose from any combination of 32 Highers and 26 Advanced Highers, in addition to curriculum enhancement courses.

The academic progress and outstanding examination results tell a story of high expectations and hard work. Small class sizes, teachers who communicate with passion and expertise, specialist teaching from an early age, attention to the needs of individual pupils: excellence in the classroom is built upon these foundations.

Examination results place us among the top schools in Scotland.

  • The National 5 A-C pass rate in S4 is 95.1% with the A pass rate in this year group at 70.5%.
  • In S5, the Higher A-C pass rate is 95.9% and across the year group 64.4% are A passes.
  • In S6, the A-C pass rate is 91.7% for Advanced Higher. 
  • 96% average of S6 Leavers go on to Higher and Further Education.